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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our products:


How do I read the pot dimensions on the Website?

The symbol Ø refers to the diameter. Measurements in parentheses refer to the inside diameter. All other measurements refer to exterior dimensions. Please keep in mind all dimensions are approximate. All of our products are handmade and slight size variation is typical.

Do your pots have drainage holes?

Yes. All of our terra cotta pots have at least one drainage hole. Larger pots have up to three drainage holes.

Do your pots come in other colors or finishes?

Our pots are available in natural pink terra cotta, and some come in grey terra cotta. We do not offer other colors or finishes.

Are your grey terra cotta pots also available in pink terra cotta, and vice versa?

Our gray terra cotta pots are available in pink by special order. Some of our pink designs are available in grey by special order. Please contact us to find out which ones.

Do your terracotta pots come in other sizes?

Some of the pots we carry are available in other sizes by special order. Please contact us to find out if a pot you're interested in is available in other sizes.

I don't see what I'm looking for. Do you have other styles?

The items on the website are items that we stock and can ship out immediately. We can get you other styles or sizes by special order. Please contact us to inquire about other styles or sizes.

Do you do custom work?

Yes. Our workshops in Impruneta can create custom planters based on your designs or specifications. We can also suggest designs and styles to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your custom planter needs.
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Can I order by telephone?

Yes, you can call our office and place your order. The phone number is 973-467-8266.

What form of payment do you accept online?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I pay by check?

If you wish to pay by check, you should call our office to place your order. The number is 973-467-8266.

What is your return policy?

We are sorry, but because of the fragile nature of the product and the difficulty of repacking, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.
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How are your products packed?

We have worked with packing specialists to come up with safe and secure methods for packing our products for delivery. Our products are packed using a state of the art foam injection packing system. Smaller items that go by parcel service are packed in foam in boxes. Larger items are packed on foam cushions on pallets and shrink wrapped.

How are your products delivered?

Smaller items, generally those with an inside diameter of 20- or less, are shipped by parcel service, like FedEx or UPS. Larger items, generally those with an inside diameter greater than 20-, are delivered by motor freight. Items cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box.

What happens if I purchase an item that goes by motor freight?

Motor freight charges vary depending on the size and weight of the delivery and the delivery location. If you are interested in any larger items that go by motor freight you will need to contact us and we will get you a shipping quote. Generally, motor freight deliveries are made on a pallet and are left curbside. If you prefer, for an additional charge, we can arrange a white glove delivery where the items will be placed for you and all packing materials will be removed. In any event, someone must be present to inspect and sign for the delivery.

What happens if a pot I order arrives broken?

All merchandise must be inspected immediately upon receipt. If the delivery is by motor freight you must note any damage on the bill of lading. Any damage must be reported to Seibert & Rice within 24 hours of receipt.  We will immediately ship you a replacement. Please keep the damaged item and packing materials so that the shipping company can inspect it.

Can I pick up my order?

Orders may be picked up at our warehouse in Jersey City, NJ. If you would like to pick up, please call us to place your order. A packing charge will apply if it is necessary for us to pack your order. Our staff cannot load your vehicle.

Do you have a store?

We do not have a store. You can purchase our products on the Website or through our catalog.
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How should I care for my Seibert & Rice terracotta pots?

It is essential that your pots have good drainage. Pots must be elevated an inch or so off the ground. You can use our pot feet or wedges or simply place pieces of wood or bricks under the pots. Make sure the drainage holes do not become blocked. It is advisable to place a curved pot shard over the drainage hole before filling the pot. Also, make sure your soil is not too compact and that the water can run out.

Can I leave my Seibert & Rice pots outside in winter?

Seibert & Rice terra cotta pots are frost proof to -20 Fahrenheit, as long as you follow these simple procedures:

  • Lift the pots off the ground on wedges, pot feet or wooden blocks so that there is at least an inch between the drainage hole and the ground. (Do not rely on any uneven patio or a gravel or perforated surface. That's not enough.)
  • Leave soil in the pot rather than leaving the empty pot outside in the winter
  • Do not use saucers outside in the winter. (Water can collect in the saucer and prevent the pot from draining properly.)
  • Always make sure the drainage holes are clear.
  • Every three or four years, you should remove a plant from its pot, rotate it, and trim the roots. Make sure the plant does not become pot-bound and that the roots do not clog the drainage holes.

Is all Italian terra cotta frost proof?

Not all Italian terra cotta is the same. Seibert & Rice terracotta is frost proof. Other Italian terra cotta is not. All Seibert & Rice terra cotta is made from Impruneta clay which has a unique chemical composition that is high in iron and calcium. In addition, the pots are fired at extremely high temperatures. The combination of this clay and the high firing process results in the strongest terracotta in the world, which can be left outdoors to -20°F. Terra cotta from other regions of Italy, even other areas of Tuscany, is made with different clay and therefore is much less durable and prone to flaking and cracking in freezing temperatures.

Is it necessary to seal your pots?

No. It is not necessary to seal our pots.

I notice white marks on the terra cotta pots. Is that normal?

Yes. White markings on the surface are typical of Impruneta terra cotta. These marks may be present from the beginning or they may come to the surface after use. This is saltpeter which occurs naturally in the clay and rises to the surface.
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What makes Seibert & Rice terracotta so special?

  1. QUALITY: All of our pots are handmade in Impruneta, Italy. We work only with the best workshops in Impruneta. We do not represent any workshops that use less accomplished artisans, that produce imperfect work, or that produce terra cotta outside the zone while maintaining an Impruneta showroom only for the address.
  2. BEAUTY: We have hand selected the best pieces from the best workshops in Impruneta. The design, style and proportions of each piece we select are perfect. The workmanship is flawless.
  3. TIMELESSNESS: Seibert & Rice terra cotta is heirloom quality terracotta that lasts for generations and increases in value over time. Our classic designs are timeless and work with every style of architecture.
  4. DISTINCTION: Each Seibert & Rice terra cotta is handmade by a master. Many of the pieces are hand signed and dated. There is no question that a pot stamped with the name Seibert & Rice is the finest terra cotta pot that one can buy.

What is the difference between your Artisan Rolled Rim planters and your Molded Rolled Rim planters?

We offer two lines of large rolled rim planters: Artisan Rolled Rims and Molded Rolled Rims. Both lines are handmade in Impruneta by two of the oldest and most traditional workshops in the town. They use only Impruneta clay, and both are frost proof.  So, what's the difference?

Our Artisan Collection is made completely free hand, without the assistance of molds. Each pot is built using the -coil method.- That is, the potter rolls out a coil of clay and, walking around in a circle, carefully and skillfully builds up the walls of the pot. He can add only four to six inches a day. Each day, after the previous day's work has dried a bit, he adds another layer. Finally, the rim at the top is formed in a way that is nearly impossible to replicate by any other method: you can feel the difference when your fingers fit snugly underneath the curve.  This whole process is highly time consuming and requires an extraordinary amount of skill that only a very few artisans possess. The result is a distinctively handmade-looking planter that is truly a piece of sculpture.

In our Molded Collection, the clay is pounded by hand into molds. After about twenty-four hours, the mold is removed.  An artisan then carefully finishes the pot with hand tools. This is still a handmade Impruneta pot, and there are no seams. However, because this process requires less time and skill, we can offer these pots to you at a more economical price.

We stand by both of our lines of rolled rim planters. You are getting top quality either way. We like to think of the distinction as that between couture and ready-to-wear. Both are beautiful, elegant, and lasting.  But one is more precious.

Do you offer Molded Rolled Rims in smaller sizes?

We only offer Molded Rolled Rims in diameters of 24- or greater. We have found that the smaller sizes are not as beautiful, and we will only sell the most beautiful terra cotta pots. We do offer Artisan Rolled Rim planters in sizes from 8- to 20- diameter.
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