• In selecting a company to reproduce turn-of-the-century terra cotta urns for Biltmore House, America's largest private home and a National Historical Landmark, we had to find the best reproductions experts in the business. Seibert & Rice's work has surpassed our expectations - in color, quality and craftsmanship.

    Terry Stalcup

    Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

  • Here at The New York Botanical Garden, we are all in love with Seibert & Rice terracotta pots. Not only are they among the most beautiful pots for plants - with the lovely soft hues of Italian terracotta setting off the plants - but they are also remarkably resilient out-of-doors here in the Northeast. We have had our glorious pairs of 4' custom pots come sailing beautifully through two record winters with no damage at all - winters with single digit temperatures, heavy snow, ice, sleet, and everything in between. How truly luxurious to be able to have such magnificent Italian terracotta out-of-doors year-round in Zone 6 - thank you Seibert & Rice!

    Kim Tripp, Ph.D.

    New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY

  • With beautiful designs, great quality craftsmanship, and careful shipping, Seibert & Rice terra cotta wares are complimented by the company's well produced product information, courteous sales staff and efficient service. It is always a pleasure to work with Seibert & Rice and our clients are, without exception, pleased as well.

    Madison Cox

    Garden Designer, New York City

  • For the last 30 years I've made a study of the history of pots in the garden and am so very happy that you have taken on bringing the best of Italian flower pots to our American audience. It is a pleasure to see such good pots available to discerning garden designers and gardeners. You are doing all of us, interested in bringing American gardening to a new height, a real service and I for one send you many thanks. Yours in clay!

    Guy Wolff

    Wolff Pottery, New Preston, CT

  • The elegance of form and the magnificent subtle color of the clay make the Seibert & Rice pots the best in the country. Moreover, they are committed to quality service and innovation. They are a pleasure to work with.

    Deborah Nevins

    Garden Designer, New York City