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Artisan Rolled Rim Vase

Each Artisan Rolled Rim terracotta pot is built using the “coil method,” whereby the potter rolls out a coil of clay and, walking around in a circle, carefully and skillfully builds up the walls of the pot a few inches each day. We offer large pots and small pots. These are the highest quality handmade terra cotta pots in the world.


  • 6″ 8″Ø x 6″h (6″Ø) Code: Paaa
  • 8″ 10″Ø x 8″h (8″Ø) Code: Paa
  • 10″ 12″Ø x 9″h (10″Ø) Code: P
  • 12″ 13″Ø x 10″h (12″Ø) Code: Pa
  • 14″ 16″Ø x 11″h (14″Ø) Code: Pb
  • 16″ 17.5″Ø x 13″h (16″Ø) Code: Pc
  • 18″ 20″Ø x 15″h (18″Ø) Code: Pd
  • 20″ 22″Ø x 17″h (20″Ø) Code: Pe
  • 24″ 28″Ø x 20.5″h (24″Ø) Code: Pf
  • 28″ 32″Ø x 23″h (28″Ø) Code: Px
  • 32″ 36″Ø x 27″h (32″Ø) Code: Pt
  • 36″ 42″Ø x 31″h (36″Ø) Code: Ps

Get CAD files: 10″ to 20″ | 24″ to 36″

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Due to the oversize nature of this item it must be delivered by motor freight service.

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Note:measurements in parentheses refer to interior diameter; all other numbers refer to exterior dimensions. Vases 20" and smaller have one band, those 24" and greater have two bands.