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Calla Pot by OvS

american-avatar-ovsOehme, van Sweden, the internationally renowned, award winning landscape architecture firm, designed this line of historically-inspired terra-cotta vessels for us, called OvS Organics. In true OvS style, rather than design a single pot, the firm fashioned a variety of containers that can be used to choreograph vignettes that fully display the exuberance of the plantings.

Inspiration for OvS Organics is drawn from the beauty and vitality of nature as represented classically through the ages, but infused with a modern and fresh look, indicative of OvS’ garden style made famous by the founders Wolfgang Oehme and Jim van Sweden. Imagery of Zantedeschia Aethiopica calla lily, Cynara Cardunculus cardoon, and Helleborus Orientalis lenten rose enliven these sculptural garden accessories.

  • Size:33"Ø x 35"h Code: 1164

Handmade Italian terra cotta from Impruneta. Frost proof.


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