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Rolled Rim collection

Molded Rolled Rim Vase

In our Molded Collection, the clay is pounded by hand into molds. After about twenty-four hours, the mold is removed. A potter then finishes the pot with hand tools. Because this process requires less time and skill, we can offer these pots to you at a more economical price.

  • 24″ 28″Ø x 20″h (24″Ø) Code: Pp
  • 28″ 32″Ø x 23″h (28″Ø) Code: Pq
  • 32″ 38″Ø x 28″h (32″Ø) Code: Pz
  • 36″ 42″Ø x 30″h (32″Ø) Code: Pr

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Special shipping notice

Due to the oversize nature of this item it must be delivered by motor freight service.

Note:measurements in parentheses refer to interior diameter; all other numbers refer to exterior dimensions.