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Olive Oil Urn

  • 20″ w/handles:
    9.5″Ø x 20″h x 14.5″w Code: 1009
  • 24″ w/handles:
    14.5″Ø x 24″h x 22″w Code: 1009c
  • 28″ w/o handles:
    14.5″Ø x 28″h x 23″w Code: 1009b
  • 36″ w/o handles:
    22″Ø x 36″h x 29″w Code: 1051
  • 40″ w/o handles:
    26″Ø x 40″h x 38″w Code: 1009e

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Due to the oversize nature of this item it must be delivered by motor freight service.