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  • Handmade Impruneta terra cotta saucers to match your handmade Impruneta terracotta pots.
  • 4":4"Ø Code: ZZf
  • 5":5"Ø Code: ZZg
  • 6":6"Ø Code: JJ
  • 7":7"Ø Code: ZZi
  • 8":8"Ø Code: JK
  • 9":9"Ø Code: ZZh
  • 10":10"Ø Code: KK
  • 12":12"Ø Code: LL
  • 14":14"Ø Code: MM
  • 16":16"Ø Code: NN
  • 18":18"Ø Code: OO
  • 20":20"Ø Code: QQ
  • 24":24"Ø Code: ZZ
  • 12" Grey:12"Ø Code: Ca


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Special shipping notice

Due to the oversize nature of this item it must be delivered by motor freight service.