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  • Italian terra cotta wedges to lift your pots up for better drainage and to insure their frost proof quality. We recommend 3 wedges per pot for round pots and 4 large wedges per box for boxes.
  • Small: 2.5"l x 1"h Code: 1073c
  • Medium: 3"l x 1"h Code: 1073b
  • Large: 4"l x 1.5"h Code: 1073
  • Extra Large: 5"l x 1.5"h Code 1073d
  • Gray: 4"l x 1"h Code: 1073a


Accessory Sizing Chart


Special shipping notice

Due to the oversize nature of this item it must be delivered by motor freight service.

Note: All prices are per individual wedge.

We recommend three wedges for each round pot and four wedges for each square or rectagular pot.